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Accessible Decibels provides hearing loop products and installation service (within Pennsylvania). We use only trained, qualified installers and our work is completed to IEC specifications. Our staff includes an audiologist with over 20 years of experience.
What is a hearing loop?
Hearing loop (sometimes referred to as telecoil or induction loop) technology provides a heightened level of clarity to the hearing impaired. It is like a radio broadcast to your hearing aid. By switching a hearing aid to the T position, you can enjoy hearing the intended communication while minimizing background noise. See "about hearing loops" for a more detailed look at how a hearing loop works.
How to spot a looped facility
The symbol (right) is typically displayed wherever a hearing loop is installed — most often at the entrance to a room that is "looped". The sign informs patrons that the facility is looped while raising awareness to hearing loops. hearing loop logo t-coil telecoil induction loop